Life And Space 2021

Strona Polskiego Towarzystwa Astrobiologicznego.

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Life & Space Poland 2021 (29.09 – 1.10 2021; online) is the first conference organized by the Polish Astrobiological Society aiming to bring together Polish as well as international astrobiology community. It will act as a platform to communicate research, popularize astrobiology, initiate new collaborations, and inspire future directions in the field. Interdisciplinary nature of the meeting will bridge disciplines such as prebiotic chemistry, planetary sciences, synthetic biology, geochemistry and studies on biosignatures and extremophiles. We specifically encourage early career researchers and students from all over the world to register and actively participate in the meeting by presenting their results and ideas during one of our oral or poster sessions. The conference will be held online.

Who are we?

Polish Astrobiological Society was founded in 2020 by a group of researchers, students and space enthusiasts fascinated by the origins of life and exploration of space in search for living organisms. We focus on science communication, building interdisciplinary research collaborations and sharing our knowledge with younger generations.

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