Topic list

Strona Polskiego Towarzystwa Astrobiologicznego.

Prebiotic chemistry

In this session, we will discuss how organic compounds are formed and self-organize, further allowing the formation of a network of interactions that can lead to the origin of life on Earth and possibly elsewhere.


In the biosignatures session, we will focus on detecting substances (element, isotopes, molecules, etc.) or phenomenons that provide scientific evidence of past or present life.

Human space exploration

This session will encompass the humanistic aspects of astrobiology, unifying such subjects as space medicine, space architecture, space law, simulated space missions, and others topics that concern human presence in space.


Extremophiles determine the physical limits of life on Earth. In this session, we will discuss adaptations to the most extreme environments the what they can tell us about the prospect of life elsewhere.

Planetary sciences 

This session will integrate all aspects of the scientific study of planets and their planetary systems, from astronomy to geology. We will discuss concepts such as habitability or the potential for life in the past, both in our Solar System and beyond.


Astrochemistry and detection of organic molecules   

Gathering spectroscopic information from observatories and recreating cosmic conditions in laboratories, astrochemistry allows building models of cosmic chemistry. In this session, we will discuss the composition and reactions of atoms, molecules, and ions in space. 

Origin of life and evolution

The evidence is overwhelming that all life on Earth has evolved from common ancestors in an unbroken chain since its origin. In this session, we will discuss the characteristics of the common ancestor and the major evolutionary process that lead to the growing complexity of life on earth.

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary area of research that seeks to create new biological parts, devices, and systems or to redesign systems that are already found in nature. These efforts can help understand the origin of life and enable human space exploration in which biological systems will complement classical engineering.

Space education

Road to space starts in school. Proper education is necessary to reach the heavens and it is absolutely vital to build a teams of experts that will ensure safety and prosperity for future astronauts and space colonists. During this session we discuss the state, future  and role of education in human space exploration. The most important question that will be asked is “what can we do to fix the system”?